Affiliate Program

Earn 200% commission off each sale.

It is really easy to start earning money with 1-Click. Just place a banner on your website! Once you do this sit back and watch your commissions piling up. To get even better result use the expert tips for how to be more successful.

1-Click tracking system guarantees advanced accuracy of the affiliate sales recording. This ensures that you will receive your 20% for all the new customers you bring to 1-Click. Just check your PayPal account at the beginning of each month and you will be amazed how easily our service is sold!

Key Features
arrow Ready and custom made banners.
arrow Detailed statistics for your performace
arrow Advanced tracking system
arrow Monthly commission payouts
arrow Payouts via check or PayPal
arrow Tutorials for maximum exposure and conversion.

Signup Now
Signup today and start taking advantage of this great opportunity. Place our banners on your site and receive a check for every client you refer to us. Our advanced tracking system makes sure you never lose a commision.


You refer a client to us, as soon as the client visits our site a cookie is placed on their computer to identify you as the referrer. It takes your client a couple of other visits and a few days to signup. As soon as the client signs up, our system will match the cookie with your affiliate ID and mark you as the referrer. For example if the client signs up for the Platinum Reseller Plan ($39.95) we will instantly deposit $79.90 into your accout.
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